Smudging Kit Gift Box - nativebotanicals
Smudging Kit Gift Box - nativebotanicals

Smudging Kit Gift Box

Native Botanicals
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Wizipan means "life resources for the people."

This handmade kit is lovingly crafted and contains traditional Lakota medicines used for smudging. Smudging calls upon the spirit of our plant medicines to help transform our surroundings and emotional state. By burning a small amount of sage, or other medicinal herb we allow the smoke to cover our space and ourselves while focusing on our intentions and prayers. 


Included in each kit is one of the following items:

• Wood-burned and felt-lined keepsake box

• 4-5" Abalone shell

• Sage smudge - purifies body, mind + spirit and welcomes positive spirits

• Cedar smudge - brings peace and tranquility

• Sweetgrass smudge - dispels negative energy

Also included in the kit is an informational card describing the traditional uses for each of the medicines. 


These kits are handmade, and there are a limited quantity available. We will be making them as a special item through the holiday season. If you have questions about ordering multiple boxes, please send us an email at and we will be in touch.

A part of every sale helps to re-plant native medicines.