NEW! Braid Pomade Hair Taming Clay

NEW! Braid Pomade Hair Taming Clay

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Meet our newest herbal self-care product! Our Braid Pomade is a light-hold styling clay crafted to tame flyaways, and smooth hair for a polished look. It adds healthy sheen without being greasy! A perfect balance between shiny and matte. 

Hair and the Lakota way of life

For Lakota people, hair holds a sacred place within our culture. Our hair symbolizes strength, vitality, and our life's journey. Historically, both men and women grew their hair long and would only cut it during certain times according to traditional protocols. While the name Braid Pomade was inspired by symbolism in our Lakota culture, it's great for all people and hair types!

We'd also like to quickly share a related teaching from our relative and mentor, Warfield Moose, Jr.

"Wacin Tanka Po (masculine) Pe (feminine) means to be patient, to be able to endure, or to persevere. 

All of my life, I have had long hair. My parents taught me to care for it and put it in a braid since my Wacin Tanka gives me strength. They told me to have patience, as my hair does when it grows. Wacin Tanka stays with me and shares my life experiences. In time, they said our hair will change color like the white buffalo so that we can have wisdom".   — Warfield Moose, Jr. 

Key Ingredients:

Hupéstola (Yucca Root) - We LOVE Yucca Root, and we included it in this formula because of its traditional use as a hair and scalp care remedy. Yucca is known to help with hair loss—thickening hair and infusing it with shine, moisture, and antioxidants.

Maká Lutá (Red Clay) - This gentle, natural clay has a lightweight, powdery texture on its own, and has been used for centuries to soothe the scalp, balance oil production, calm irritation, and strengthen and smooth the hair. It's beneficial for most hair types, especially dry or damaged hair. 

Hanté (Cedar) Essential Oil - Another growth promoting ingredient that strengthens hair follicles, and has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The aroma eases tension and clears the mind. 

Arrowroot Power - A natural thickener that absorbs excess oil and gives the hair and product a soft, smooth, feel.  

How to use:

Scrape a small amount of Braid Pomade from the tin with your fingers and rub between your hands to warm the product before application. Gently apply to flyaways to smooth and polish your braid or any hairstyle! A little bit goes a long way.  

Will it turn my hair red?
The red clay that we use gives this product a rich color. NO, it won't turn your hair red. Once you warm the product in your hands before applying, the red color disappears. We do recommend using caution and testing a small area if your hair is processed, bleached blonde, or platinum.  

Full ingredient list: Organic beeswax, Yucca infused grapeseed oil, Badlands (bentonite) clay, Red (Kaolin) clay, arrowroot powder, essential oils of cedar, sage, lavender and cedarwood, vitamin E. 

This product is hand-crafted in small batches. It contains no preservatives and since it's made with all natural ingredients we recommend using within six months of opening. 

We use a part of our profits to replant indigenous medicine in our homeland on the Pine Ridge reservation. 🌱 Wopila (thank you) for supporting Lakota-owned businesses!