NEW! Yucca Root Ultimate Beauty Bundle - nativebotanicals
NEW! Yucca Root Ultimate Beauty Bundle - nativebotanicals

NEW! Yucca Root Ultimate Beauty Bundle

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As Lakota people, we take pride in our appearance. A long time ago, women would use Hupestola (Yucca Root) and other natural medicines to help care for their skin and hair—to keep them looking and feeling their best. This is not out of vanity, but because we are proud of who we are as people. We believe it is good to honor ourselves in this way, and important to take care of our wellness both inside and out. Now, we are happy to share these traditional remedies with you by offering this set of nourishing products designed to help give you your best skin and hair.

Save 10% when you bundle these products.

About Yucca Root:

• Yucca is packed with micro nutrients and antioxidants to help nourish and protect healthy skin and hair cells from environmental stressors and damage.

• Yucca helps regenerate cells and boost collagen production.

• Yucca is shown to have photo-protective properties and may help protect from the damaging rays of the sun. 

• Yucca naturally contains resveratrol—an anti-aging compound with antioxidant properties. 

• Yucca helps hair grow long, thick, and healthy hair.


Included in this set:

GROW ELIXIR with Yucca Root + Yarrow Flower (1oz): This best-selling restoring hair oil contains Yucca Root and Yarrow Flower, two traditional remedies that can help stimulate growth and maintain a healthy hair and scalp. Yucca nourishes and feeds the hair with nutrients, and yarrow is a natural mild astringent that can help increase circulation to the hair follicles—also helping with dandruff and preventing hair loss.


GROW ELIXIR with Yucca Root + Yarrow Flower (1oz) : This mid-weight facial oil is formulated with a renewing blend of botanical oils rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Made with Yucca Root and other skin-loving ingredients like Wild Rose (Rosehip seed) oil, pumpkin seed oil, and yarrow flower that help brighten, and renew dull skin while evening skin tone and replenishing moisture. Deeply nourishing, but absorbs quickly without feeling too heavy. 


YUCCA ROOT LIP BALM (1oz): The yucca in this balm protects the delicate skin on your lips while it nourishes. It's perfect for everyday wear! Be sure to choose the balm you'd like in your set. We offer a lightly tinted balm (color from natural Earth minerals) and an untinted variety as well. Please choose from the dropdown menu before adding to your cart. 


SKIN NOURISHING HERBAL SALVE with Yucca Root + Yarrow Flower (2 oz) This natural skin salve is perfect for irritated, dry, and chapped skin. It may also help alleviate discomfort from rashes, and restore the skins natural barrier. Made with traditional indigenous remedies Yucca Root, Yarrow Flower, and Wild Bergamot. Yucca provides therapy and rejuvenates, Yarrow soothes inflammation, repairs, and restores damaged skin, and wild bergamot helps clear any eruptions while protecting against infections. 


All of our products are hand made in small batches with natural ingredients. Please visit individual product pages for the full ingredients lists and their benefits. 

Every purchase from our store helps re-plant native medicines. 🌿 Thank you for being a part of preserving these remedies for the future!