Digestive + Detox Support: Wahpé Waštemna
Digestive + Detox Support: Wahpé Waštemna
Digestive + Detox Support: Wahpé Waštemna

Digestive + Detox Support: Wahpé Waštemna

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Wahpe Wastemna (Wild bergamot, or bee balm) is traditionally used to help calm digestive issues and as a general detoxifier that may help clear both the mind and body.

The name means "sweet scented leaf," and because of its pleasant aroma, was sometimes carried or kept with important items for protection or used as perfume.

It's also been used by several indigenous tribes to break fevers, relieve cold and respiratory infection symptoms, and for sore throats. Wahpe Wastemna naturally contains antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.*



• May promote clarity

• May help rid negative thoughts and feelings

• Traditionally used to prepare for prayer or meditation, and for protection

• May have mild stimulant properties



• May relieve abdominal pain and bloating

• May help soothe kidneys

• May aid digestion and reduce flatulence

• May promote circulation

Contains thymol, an anti-septic + anti-inflammatory

Natural contains antibiotic and anti-fungal properties

• May ease + shorten cold symptoms

• May be used to soothe sore throats

• May help clears sinuses

• May help relieve headaches

 Traditionally used to break fever, "clean the blood and body"  


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Do not take if pregnant or nursing, and please consult your health care professional to ensure there are no interactions with current medications before beginning any new herbal supplement