How to Use Tinctures

Congratulations on taking steps towards healing through traditional Lakota remedies! If you're new to tinctures—don't worry! They're super easy, and a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of herbal medicine.

Tinctures are liquid herbal supplements that can be taken directly by mouth (on top of the tongue) or mixed into water. They contain extracts of pejuta (plant medicines)—and a few drops of tincture can be compared to drinking a cup of medicinal tea. 

When you're ready to use your tinctures, it may be a good idea to try them apart from each other at first—to recognize how each plant individually affects you. The suggested amount is .5ml (about 10 drops.) Our tinctures are always alcohol free and sweet to taste, so most people enjoy taking them on their own. If you'd prefer to mix then into water, that's fine too!

Before you use your tinctures, we encourage you to remember that pejuta comes from Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth.) We're grateful for these medicines, and believe it is important to first ask for their help, and also say wopila (thank you) for the healing they bring. The medicines are our relatives, and recognizing our connectedness to each other, and all beings of Unci Maka is a part of the healing journey. 

Wopila for being a part of this journey with us! We're wishing you healing and good health!

- Shilo and Shawna 


Quick Guide to our Lakota Remedies

🌿 HUPESTOLA  (Yucca Root) - Pain and inflammation support. Arthritis remedy. Encourages healthy skin and hair.

🌿 ICAHPE HU (Purple Coneflower) - Immune system support. Encourages illlness recovery. Sore throat and toothache remedy.

🌿 MATO PEJUTA (Angelica Root) - Anxiety and insomnia support. Encourages healthy circulatory system. Heartburn remedy. Helps clear the throat.

🌿 MATO WAHUTKAN  (Osha Root) - Respiratory system support. Remedy for viral infection protection and recovery. Encourages good circulation, energy+ positive mood.

🌿 PEJI HOTA  (Sage) - Nervous system and brain health support. Supports good memory and positive outlook. Remedy for symptoms of menopause.

🌿 WAHPE HINSMA (Mullein Leaf) - Lung support. Remedy for symptoms of infection, asthma, and allergies. Earache, joint pain and gout remedy.

🌿 WAHPE WASTEMNA  (Wild Bergamot) - Digestive system and detox support. Remedy for abdominal pain, gas, and aching kidneys. Also used for cold and flu symptoms.

🌿 YAPIZAPI IYECECA (Dandelion) - Liver and kidney support. Overall wellness tonic and detoxifier. Encourages healthy liver, gall bladder, kidney, urinary and digestive function. Remedy for stomach disorders.


Browse our herbal remedies here, and keep a look out for new ones! 


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