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We are an Oglala Lakota family from the Badlands of South Dakota. We grew up surrounded by our culture, and are grateful for the opportunity to learn from our ancestors, elders and medicine people.

We spent a few years struggling with our own health and began using traditional Lakota medicines as a way to heal ourselves and our family. We found wellness by returning to our people’s original remedies.

Because of our own positive experiences, we began bottling Lakota plant medicines into tinctures. This way they last all year long and are easier to take when on-the-go. It’s also allowed us to share them with our family and community – and now we’re sharing them with others who seek wellness through natural pathways.

Beyond the physical existence of our plant medicines, we believe in the spiritual connection we have to them that allows for powerful healing.

Whenever we harvest medicine, we ask permission from Mother Earth, and make an offering to her. It is this balance that is a part of recognizing Mitakuye Oyasin, the Lakota way of saying that “we are all related.” Gathering medicine is a part of the healing process, and all of our plant medicines are harvested with respect, or grown sustainably by us.

We also believe that as Mother Earth gives to us, we should give back to her. For every item sold, a portion goes to reintroducing native medicines to places where they’ve disappeared or have been over-harvested. It’s one way we’re working to preserve them for future generations.

We’re grateful for this way of life and to continue healing along the way.

Thanks for reading and for being a part of the journey. We wish all of you wicozani—spiritual wealth and good health for you and your families.

Wopila (thank you)
Shilo + Shawna 


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