Grow With Us

We're happy you're here! Thank you for joining us, and for being a part of our journey at Native Botanicals. We really appreciate each and every one of you. With your help, our visions for the future are coming to life. 

We're proud celebrate our Lakota culture and share indigenous wellness remedies. We have had the opportunity to work with our traditional Lakota medicines for many years—it is something very close to our hearts. We also recognize the importance of sustainability, so our business revolves around another priority—helping to ensure that our medicines will flourish for future generations. 

Every item purchased from our store helps fund our indigenous medicine re-planting projects. Here's one of them:


Grow With US

Above are a few photos of  wacagan (sweetgrass) we’re growing. Sweetgrass is an important part of our ceremonies and we harvest it often to use as a medicine, a smudge, and to weave into braids and baskets among other things.

As of now, places where fresh sweetgrass grows on our reservation are non-existent. Our goal is to re-plant this medicine in our homeland so that our native people can have better access to it. As our crop continues to expand, we transplant the sweetgrass to the places where it will grow naturally.


 cedar trees

We're also working to replant cedar, cottonwood trees, willows, sage, and other important medicines to our wellness and Lakota way of life. The time is now, and it's vital to share these teachings and philosophies with our children. Thank you for making these projects possible. Every purchase helps us protect our medicines for the future.

Please stay connected to be a part of and follow our future projects. Grow with us!

Shilo + Shawna