Why Our Tinctures Are Alcohol Free

Plants have spirits too 🌱 here is something to consider...

Tinctures are often made by using alcohol as a carrier and method to extract the essence of medicinal herbs and roots. And though the amount ingested while using them is minimal, we believe alcohol is a substance that negatively affects the spirit of those it comes in contact with. This includes plant medicines.

Alcohol induces a low-energy state and can create a disharmony between your spiritual body and physical body.

So why use alcohol to extract something that is negatively altered by it?

Not only does alcohol affect the spirit of the plant, but it can also alter many of it’s medicinal properties.

Out of respect for our medicines we craft our tinctures with 100% natural vegetable glycerin, which is an organic compound that is made from a variety of botanicals. Mni wiconi or the water of life, is a medicine itself and is the only additional ingredient used.

Glycerin gently extracts the essence of the plants and preserves them naturally without the harsh effects of alcohol. As a bonus, the taste is pleasantly sweet, and taking our tinctures is not only beneficial, but an enjoyable experience.

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