Monster Spray Liquid Smudge

Monster Spray Liquid Smudge

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We first made this mist for our three-year-old twins (now six!), who like many children, experience the occasional fear of monsters. In addition to our night time smudging, we created a "monster spray" to use in our room for keeping anything scary away during the night. After perfecting the formula, we added it to our routine, and they felt better—sleeping much more peacefully. We still use it! It helps give them more control and power over fearful thoughts.

Your wakanyeja (child) will also feel better knowing that their space is a monster-free zone. Add Monster Spray to your nighttime (or any scary time) ritual. Kids can spray wherever monsters may want to hang around. They stand NO chance!

What's in it:

LAVENDER 💐 - For calming and comfort. Helps to give little ones a good night sleep.

SAGE 🌿 - to purify your mind and space. Eliminates negative energy and attracts positivity. Scares monsters away.

SWEET ORANGE 🍊 - Relieves tension and worries. Monsters can't stand oranges!

Because our sprays are made with pure essential oils, it's important to shake the bottle well before every use. 

Directions: Shake well. Spray anywhere monsters like to hang out. 

Simple, safe ingredients. Free from artificial fragrances.

Ingredients: Purified spring water, witch hazel, essential oils of sage, lavender, and sweet orange.

Every purchase helps us re-plant indigenous medicines. Wopila (thank you.)