Lakota Aromatherapy Roller Set
Lakota Aromatherapy Roller Set
Lakota Aromatherapy Roller Set

Lakota Aromatherapy Roller Set

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We are so excited about our newest remedies! Welcome to a transformative journey of self-care with our unique Indigenous Aromatherapy Rollers set. Each carefully crafted roller creatively combines the healing power of pure essential oils and traditional medicines in four distinctive aromatherapy blends that are perfect for anytime!

Good Heart (Canté Wašte): Elevate your spirits with "Good Heart," or Canté Wašté, a blend designed to bring positivity and joy to your heart. Infused with the uplifting aroma of Peji Hota (sage), this roller is a beacon of positivity, inviting goodness back into your life. Roll onto pulse points whenever you need a boost and let the scent of sage uplift your spirits.

Clear Mind (Tawačin Wasté): Embrace mental clarity and focus with "Clear Mind," or Tawačin Wašté, a clarifying blend that encourages good thoughts and a focused mind. Featuring Wahpé Waštemna (wild bergamot), this roller prepares your mind and spirit for whatever life may bring. Carry it with you wherever you go for moments when you need a mental reset.

Strong Spirit (Wowašaké): Ignite mental strength and perseverance with "Strong Spirit," or Wowašake, a powerful blend featuring Hanté (cedar). A relative of the Wakinyan Oyate (thunder nation), cedar brings potent energy and resilience. Its name, meaning "always alive," reflects the evergreen nature of cedar, even in the dead of winter. Roll on for a boost of encouragement whenever you face challenges.

Calm Spirit (Wowahwala): Indulge in relaxation and tension relief with "Calm Spirit," or Wowahwala, a soothing blend made with Mato Pejuta (Angelica Root). This roller is your go-to for moments of tranquility, calming your spirits and bringing both peace and protection. Simply roll on pulse points to experience calm whenever needed.

This set is truly one of a kind. We're indigenizing self-care! Infused with the knowledge of Lakota traditions and medicines. These 10ml rollers are small enough to take with you on the go, and are an amazing addition to your daily self-care routine. They make great gifts, too! We're thrilled to share this unique set with you and can't wait for you to experience the holistic benefits of Indigenous aromatherapy.


Every purchase helps replant indigenous medicines in our homeland on the Pine Ridge reservation. Wopila (thank you) for your support!