Original Liquid Smudge
Liquid Smudge with White Sage, Sweetgrass + Cedar - nativebotanicals

Original Liquid Smudge

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Smudging can transform the energy of people and places. Liquid Smudge™ spray offers a way to smudge when burning isn't an option. It's great for traveling or for people with smoke allergies who still want to enjoy the benefits and effects of smudging. We created this mist for an elderly relative who loved to burn sage, but could no longer handle the smoke for health reasons. Since then, we've been grateful to share it with others who have benefitted from using it, too. This mist is especially helpful when you feel a need for positivity and to clear the energy in your space.

PEJI HOTA (WHITE SAGE) - Purifies sacred space and cleanses the mind, body, and spirit. It also can clean the air and destroy airborne pathogens.

HANTE (CEDAR) - Brings peaces and tranquility to the mind.

WACANGA (SWEETGRASS) - Brings peace and positivity. Boosts emotional strength and dispels negative energy.

Because our sprays are made with pure essential oils, it's important to shake the bottle well before every use.  

Directions: Use as often as needed. Shake well. Spray a few pumps into the air and transform your space.

Ingredients: Purified spring water, witch hazel, sweetgrass oil, essential oils of white sage and cedar.

Liquid Smudge Original Mist is our best selling Liquid Smudge spray and has been featured by Iyanla Vanzant, and mindbodygreen!