Liquid Smudge Trio

Liquid Smudge Trio

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Our collection of best selling Liquid Smudge™ sprays. Makes a great gift! Comes packaged with an information insert for easy giving. 

All of our Liquid Smudge™ sprays are made with essential oils and plant essences, and can be used anytime to transform your mood and environment. Our Original Liquid Smudge with White Sage + Cedar was inspired by a relative who wanted to burn sage, but could no longer breathe smoke because of a health condition. We hope to offer a way for everyone to enjoy the aroma and effects of these medicinal plants whenever burning is not an option.

Liquid Smudge Original Mist with White Sage + Cedar

P U R I F Y I N G 
Made with White Sage essential oil, Sweetgrass, and Cedar. Our original Liquid Smudge™ Mist is especially helpful when you feel a need for positivity and to purify your mind and environment. 

Liquid Smudge - Badlands Sunset with Juniper + Sagebrush

G R O U N D I N G 
Mako Sica (the Badlands) is a mystical place that holds many stories of the Lakota people. The land there provided protection during difficult times, and offered a place to live freely while practicing our traditions and spirituality. The soul and spirits of the badlands brings serenity and helps ground you to Unci Maka (grandmother Earth.) Good for when you feel the need to feel grounded, safe, and relieve tension. 

Liquid Smudge - Black Hills Sky with Pine + Cedar

R E V I T A L I Z I N G 

He Sapa, the Black Hills is the heart of the Lakota Nation. This spiritual center provides all of the resources we need to sustain and revitalize our people. The essence of the Black Hills reminds of our connection to all living things. Good for when you feel a need for clarity, connection, and revitalization. 

Because our sprays are made with pure essential oils, it's important to shake the bottle well before every use. 

Liquid Smudge has been featured by Iyanla Vanzant and mindbodygreen!
Every purchase helps us re-plant indigenous medicines.