Liver + Kidney Support: Yapizapi Iyececa Herbal Tincture
Liver + Kidney Support: Yapizapi Iyececa Herbal Tincture

Liver + Kidney Support: Yapizapi Iyececa Herbal Tincture

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Dandelion has been used traditionally to aid in general detoxification and support healthy kidney, liver, and urinary function. It can help with skin and eye problems especially as they relate to liver disease. It can also help release swelling and fluid retention because it acts as a natural diuretic. Dandelion calms digestive ailments and modern studies show that it may even have anti-cancer applications. Dandelion root is a natural adapotogen, which means it may help you naturally fight stress and contribute to overall healthy energy levels and stress management. Our tinctures are always alcohol-free, and our dandelion tincture combines both the root and plant of this herbal medicine to help maximize the benefits.


Dandelion may be used to help:*

• Detoxify and increase function of the liver and kidneys

• Symptoms of liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis

• Relieve water weight and swelling

• Kidney problems, urinary function and preventing UTIs

• Promote healthy digestive function 


Dandelion may help neutralize free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and damage to your cells. That means that it may be protective against chronic diseases.


Dandelion also contains nutrients and:*

• Is high in antioxidants like beta-carotene and polyphenols
• Can help promote healthy, clear skin
• Contains bioactive compounds that may help reduce cholesterol
• Contain compounds that may help regulate blood sugar
• May help aid in weight loss
• Contains anti-inflammatory compounds 
• May help reduce the growth of certain types of cancer according to studies

In summary, this commonly known flower (and root) is packed with power! As a reminder, every purchase from our store helps fund projects to re-plant 🌱 native medicines. Wopila (thank you) for supporting indigenous-owned businesses. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.