Anxiety + Sleep Support: Mató Pejuta

Anxiety + Sleep Support: Mató Pejuta

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Angelica Root, is another important variety of Mato Pejuta (Bear Medicine).

Angelica may be used to help relieve anxiety and nervousness. Also traditionally used for sluggish digestion, heartburn, and in ceremonies by singers who chew on angelica root to help clear their throats.



• May help calm nervousness + racing thoughts

• May help improve sleeplessness

• May help relieve anxious feelings

• May help reduce brain fog

• May help boost mental strength and stamina



• May help with symptoms brought on by chronic conditions

• May stimulate circulatory and lymphatic system

• May help relieve fatigue + symptoms from stress-related illnesses

• May be good for sluggish liver and spleen

• Traditionally used to reduce indigestion, heartburn + bloating

• Has anti-viral properties

• May help clear the throat, relieve sore throat + strengthen respiratory system.


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Do not take if pregnant or nursing, and please consult your health care professional to ensure there are no interactions with current medications before beginning any new herbal supplement